Dog Food for Dental Health

Food for The Big Catch and a Healthy Bite

Dental health is important not only for a dog’s teeth but also for overall health. Poor dental health can lead to serious dental-health issues. That’s why all performance-based EUKANUBA™ adult and senior and EUKANUBA™ EXCEL adult dry dog foods contain 3D DentaDefense.

Eukanuba’s innovative technology:

  • Reduces tartar buildup
  • Reduces plaque
  • Maintains healthy teeth

3D DentaDefense contains a proven anti-tartar agent, derived from naturally occurring minerals, which works during and after meals to prevent tartar buildup throughout the whole mouth.

Eukanuba’s specially designed kibble, coated with an anti-tartar agent, helps break the plaque-to-tartar cycle, helping to promote dental health between checkups and cleanings.

This is only one of the many reasons at EUKANUBA™, we consider ourselves to be the finest science-based, premium-performance dog food available today.

Proactive Dental Health Begins With EUKANUBA™

Eight out of 10 dogs have tartar issues by age three. Because plaque and tartar can be invisible to the naked eye, your dog may have more than you think.

Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, EUKANUBA™ with 3D DentaDefense provides complete nutrition and superior tartar protection to keep dogs in top condition from tooth to tail.

With scientifically advanced formulas for peak nutritional performance, EUKANUBA™ canine diets contain ingredients, such as our tartar-reducing agent, that work together to help keep dogs at their very best.