How your Puppy Grows

Puppies have different growth rates. Small breed puppies can become adult in as little as 9 months; giant breeds, although growing as much as 2kg/week in early months, may continue to grow for up to two years.

Eukanuba puppy diets are tailored to breed size accounting for different growth rates and ensuring the optimal balance of nutrition for developing puppies of all sizes.

Your puppy will benefit from a balanced and complete diet that is energy-rich and nutrient-dense and therefore lower in volume to suit his stomach size and digestive capability.

Large and Giant Breed Puppies Have Special Requirements

If your puppy is a large or giant breed, he will have a very steep growth curve and his nutritional needs can change dramatically over short periods of time. Ideally he should be weighed and evaluated at least once every 2 weeks to ensure he is growing at an appropriate rate.

Controlled feeding of a special large breed puppy diet, which contains reduced amounts of energy and calcium compared to small breed puppy food, can help control growth rate. This will help avoid the problems caused by excess weight and developmental bone problems.