ID your Pet

It's crucial for your pet to have identification so he can be returned if he gets lost.

Here are two popular methods:

  • Collar tags. The most common and visible form of I.D., a tag simply attaches to your dog's collar to display the dog's name and your phone number. But your pet must wear his collar at all times, and it's always possible that it or the tag could detach. Tags can also have your address or even specific dietary requirements that are important.
  • Microchips. The size of a grain of rice, it's implanted under the dog's skin (no anesthesia or surgery is required). It contains an alphanumeric code that can be read by animal shelters or Vets equipped with a hand scanner. The details related to that chip can looked up on the manufacturer's database and the Vet or shelter can contact you. It is important to make sure that pet's details are correct and updated should anything change.

Tags and collars can come off and microchips could be faulty or migrate under the skin so they may not be detected. The best thing to do is have both.