Lost Pet

Don't panic if you lose your pet.

Be persistent as you go through this checklist:

  • Look all over your property, including places where your dog might try to hide.
  • Search the neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors, and leave a note with your name and phone number at houses where no one is home. Call your pet's name frequently.
  • Help your pet find his way home. Place his bedding or some of your dirty clothes outside your house as a homing scent.
  • Call local veterinarians, shelters and humane societies.
  • Post fliers in the area. Include your pet's photo, a detailed description and your phone number (but not your name or address).
  • Place an alert on social media. There are many groups for lost dogs, shelters, Vets or even the community/area where you live. Reach out to as many of these as possible.