Performance Dog Diets

Why Your High-Performance Dog Needs High-Performance Dog Food

Performance dogs have unique nutritional needs. To perform their best, these special dogs need a high-performance dog food that keeps them going.

Mushers know that without the right kind of nutrition, their dogs won't have the stamina to race. They've learned from experience that their performance dogs need a nutrient-dense food—up to 10,000 calories a day—which non-performance food cannot provide. Mushers also know their dogs must consume their food in small doses.

At EUKANUBA, we've studied sled dogs, hunting dogs, dogs that compete in agility and field trial competitions, dogs that perform rescue missions, and dogs that routinely run or hike with their owners. Based on our findings, we've developed a unique dog food called EUKANUBA Premium Performance 30/20 Working and Endurance (minimum 30% protein, minimum 20% fat) for the world’s most athletic dogs. Performance Dogs Need More Calories and Nutrients

Working dogs—animals that compete regularly as well as weekend warriors—need more calories than other dogs because their activities demand more of their bodies. They need a formula with extra protein, carbohydrates, and fat, with nutrients that can be easily and quickly absorbed by their body. EUKANUBA Premium Performance dry dog foods deliver this by providing:

  • High-quality, animal-based proteins such as chicken. This provides essential amino acids to build muscle, repair tissue, and synthesize hormones. Other brands may use only vegetable protein, which is a problem because vegetable proteins can reduce muscle mass while increasing body fat.
  • "Quick energy" carbohydrates, such as finely ground corn meal and rice can be efficiently absorbed by your dog’s digestive system.
  • High-quality fat from chicken and fish. These provide omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to keep the coat and skin healthy. This is critical as the fur protects your dog from heat, cold, and parasites.
  • Fermentable fibre in the form of beet pulp to help your dog’s digestive system effectively absorb nutrients and added prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides) to keep the gut flora balanced.

When to Feed Your Dog a High-Performance Dog Food

Even sled dogs don't need performance food year-round. During summer’s non-training season they only need about 800 calories per day. EUKANUBA scientists have determined that the best time to begin serving a performance diet is eight weeks prior to the performance event. To avoid stomach upset, gradually mix the performance food into the dog's usual fare over 4 - 7 days. (Feeding performance food to a dog that is not exercising regularly will result in unhealthy weight gain.) Dogs that run regularly throughout the year can be served a performance diet year-round.

Proper nutrition for an athletic dog helps to get his body in shape and will enable him to go the extra mile every day—whether it’s a 5km run or racing the Iditarod.