Improved Taste - Better Than Ever

Palatability plays an extremely significant role in ensuring that high quality nutrition is eaten, enjoyed and repurchased.

We are very excited to share the results of a study conducted specifically to look at the palatability of New South African produced Eukanuba versus original European Eukanuba product. At the same time, the palatability of New Eukanuba was tested vs a Super Premium competitor’s puppy and adult diets.

The results show overwhelmingly that dogs prefer the taste of New Eukanuba.

New Eukanuba is overwhelmingly preferable

  1. 94% of food eaten by the panel was New Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed (vs Original Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed)

  2. 80% of food eaten by the panel was New Eukanuba Adult Medium All Breed (vs Original Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed)